Winter Peril Please Nominate for Kindle Scout

Winter Peril Please Nominate this book for Kindle Scout

What is Kindle Scout? It’s a new program from Amazon. The crowd nominates the book that they would most want to read and people can nominate books for 30 days. Then the book goes into ‘review’ with Kindle Press. If selected Amazon publishes the book, which is different than self publishing. If you help nominate, Amazon sends you a copy of the book for free if it is selected. All you need is an Amazon account. It doesn’t cost you anything, and I would love to find out how this publishing venture works. So if you have a moment right now, please go and nominate the book Winter Peril.

Erica Mira, a Florida native, decides to drive up to Maine in the middle of winter to meet an investor, and ends up crashing into a tree in the middle of the blizzard. After climbing up the mountain to the chateau seeking shelter, she meets Gabriel.
Gabriel’s not leaving this chateau without clearing his name of his dead wife’s murder or the crimes she set him up for. He’s not had company in years, let alone the company of a woman. Erica storms into his house and he throws caution to the wind. Despite not trusting anyone, she’s getting under his skin.
Erica’s finding the clues about possible murders that happened. She should be terrified of Gabriel and being stuck in a house with no escape. Yet she’s attracted to him, and her desire is growing. There is a mystery to solve and she needs to figure this out before she gives Gabriel her heart.
Neither of them knows of the third person in the house, or what truly happened to his dead wife.

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