With so much going on, I don’t want to forget Lucio

Lucio was fun to write. He learned in high school that his parents had no right to interfere with his love life and as an adult, he’s dated plenty of women he’d never bring home to meet the family. Though the tell-all book some women he had coffee with once was completely fabricated but cemented his status as a playboy of Europe. It was never his intention but he keeps his opinions and thoughts to himself, always. But as his thirtieth birthday approaches, he has to find a bride. Why? It’s the law if he wants to remain in communication with his family. And while he resents what happened when he was 15, he’s not willing to throw his loving parents and two brothers away over it. He’ll do whatever it takes to find a bride.

And he meets pearl clutching Amy Fields again at his brother’s insistence and realizes that maybe she was the perfect one for him. I’m hoping my readers follow this journey and also help me spread the news about the new release! In exchange you can win these parts that helped Amy capture Lucio’s full attention! So if you can help spread the news socially, please click here…. https://victoriapinder.com/forbidden-royal-giveaway

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Forbidden Royal

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Political consultant Amy Fields only experienced jealousy once in her life, and that’s the way she’d like to keep it. Watching her older sister carry-on with the boy she absolutely adored in high school enough to make her never want to feel second-best again.

Now, successful in her own right. She’s making strides in her career and meeting interesting people, but one client takes a keen interest in her life – so much so, he’s determined to ensure she never finds a happy ending with the boy she loved long ago.

Prince Lucio Aussa can have any woman he wants, but he’s grown tired of superficial relationships. When his brother convinces him that he can find the perfect bride online, Lucio reluctantly agrees to go along with the plan. The search dredges up old feelings about Amy’s older sister, and prompts him to want to rekindle their broken relationship. But when the internet search points to Amy as his perfect mate, that changes everything. Now, he must reconcile the feelings he had for her sister with the realization that Amy is far more interesting than she ever was. To make matters worse, as his feelings for her grow, an enemy emerges threatening to ruin any hope of love for either of them.

Can the overcome their preconceived notions about each other and find common ground together or will yet another obstacle stand in their way?