It’s nearly Christmas now. I am almost done shopping. ALMOST. Things are getting hectic for me. I am reworking Stealing Grace’s Husband and it’s likely going to be full length. Next week I’ll have way more done.

Plus I’m working on this awesome story, total fantasy, but in real world setting. I’m having fun and it’s has an X-Man feel to it. Growing up reading the X-Men, I’m all excited.

And I’m itching to get started on a new Contemporary story. I’ve been inspired, finally. Might have been for cashing the payment for Two Weeks in Miami.

Two Weeks in Miami

Greta Buckle is my fantasy name, but Victoria is both my real name and a woman who loves reading contemporary.

So what’s Two Weeks in Miami about?

Miami, the city of Magic. Where two unlikely souls find each other.

Rough and tumble Lieutenant Colonel Bobby Parker is ordered to Miami for a two week tour of duty. Going stateside thrills him for a short jaunt, but Miami is on the other side of the country. He wants to visit home,  but impressing the Generals here could help him move up his career.  He will be a General one day, and he’s no time for a social life, let alone a woman.

Charlotte’s settled into her life, and she sees no possibility for love. She must have missed the lesson in kindergarten where the teacher explains love, because Charlotte’s never had much luck. At her friend’s urging, Charlotte agrees to try to look one more time. She responds to an email, never expecting in her life a larger than life, broad shouldered, muscular man might ever be her date for anything.  How does one talk to a man? And why would he ever date a librarian?

I cannot wait for readers to read this.

What’s been my issue. I’ve been having trouble with brother Andrew and the perfect woman for him. Andrew’s the oldest and a doctor. I started a story, made it to 10k before I realized the story was wrong. Starting from scratch has been harder, but I think i have an inkling now.