Wow I just put my 4th book of the year on preorder!

Wow I just put my 4th book of the year on preorder already. It’s crazy! I know but with plans to have 12 books in a year, consistency is key. And so is taking time off when the baby is born. Which is why I’m working hard NOW!

My little 18 month old is currently napping. I finished the word count of the day and now I get to update the blog! All good things.

So for now this is my last Princes of Avce Series, but I could totally write more. It’s so much fun to write and with a law that says all nobles must marry before they turn 30, it’s quite easy to continue the series. However I always intended this group to end with Cassidy. She was involved from the beginning though in the background. Her and her computer program that hooked up Kristin and Antonio in Forbidden Crown, deserved to find her own true love. However the program is telling her that her match is Remington Burke and that’s impossible. His grandmother might be awesome, but Remy’s the boy who cut off her pig tails and let a bear get to her tent while camping as a child. There was no way, he’d be ‘the one.’ And besides, Remy’s always dating the most beautiful women on the planet. What would he see in her?

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Forbidden Earl:

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Cassidy Bright is infamous in Avce for her ability to help others find love. Her algorithm has never failed. Behind the scenes, though, know one knows who she based her program on, and she’d like to keep it that way. But when her muse requests her services, she’s not so inclined to oblige.

Remington Burke IV, the Earl of Sky, has everything he wants, except a wife. At the urging of his ailing grandmother, he seeks out help from the only person he knows can help him – Cassidy. Marriage is almost guaranteed, but she’s reluctant to let him see his match. The longer they squabble about it, the more attracted to her he becomes.

Could the woman of his dreams be the geeky girl with the magical algorithm or has desperation clouded his judgment?