Publishers T through Z 2014

Publishers with Online Submissions. I’ve not worked with all the publishers below. However as a romance and science fiction writer, it’s hard to keep track of a list of every possible place to submit. I make no bones about the contracts of these companies. READ YOUR CONTRACTS. Be willing to say no. But I do tend to avoid vanity presses, and know where to submit too. This is my list that I had on excel, which someone wanted a copy of. If I can help one writer, maybe someone else needs a list of possible places to submit manuscripts too.

If you know of one and want to recommend, please email me at victoriapinder01 at gmail dot com.

Small doesn’t mean no editing. And to me it’s better to start with someone whose been around the publishing block once or twice than do on your own as a beginner. (Seasoned Vets are a completely different type of writer!)


The Writers Coffee Shop Romance, Erotic

Talienspin Publishing Romance, Erotic

Telos Moon Rise Erotic, Steampunk, fantasy

Three Hares Publising

Tigearr Publishing

TOR Science Fiction/Fantasy

Totally Bound

Turquoise Morning Press

Uncial Press All

Vamptasy Publishing

Vanilla Heart Books All

Watershed Books (Pelican) Christian

Whimsical Publications All

Whiskey Creek All

Wild Child Publishing All

Wild Rose Press All

Writers Edge Publisher

Zharmae Publishing Press Science Fiction

Zondervan  Christian