Writing Character You Love

So the wonderful Rossie Cortes, my PR guru extraordinaire whose launching http://yourprfriend.com soon, told me to come up with a giveaway for writing in case my readers are ever writers. As most long time readers of the blog know I do talk about writing as it’s part of my life, but it’s not what I often talk about except monthly. This giveaway was the hardest thing I had to write in a long while. Short is hard.

Rossie is all about the lists and at least ten points on every list.

Every time I wanted to start a giveaway on writing, it started as a nonfiction novel. How to market, how to create book trailers, how to write with my own process, how to set a scene (as this is always a checklist of mine as I’m bad at setting the characters in the here and now without proper anchors), how to write a romance. All of these were becoming novels or at the very least novellas. The how to market bloomed three courses I’ll be teaching online starting in September, at http://www.oirwa.com/forum/campus/#SEP.

About the courses, I learned a lot in 2016 and took my time to really study and learn marketing strategies. So I’m excited to share those.

Yet the giveaway… that was hard.

So I had to break it down into what is the basic element for this pantser when she writes. So for me, I have to really know my characters. Once I know who the characters are on a personal level, then I can honestly write a story. Without knowing my characters, I’m lost at sea with an idea that is going nowhere fast.

So my giveaway for writers is now how to create characters. It’s a checklist, which Rossie approves, as she is all about list making.

I hope you enjoy it.