Full time job has me resting this week at home. But I consider this my I’m writing time. Making slow progress, but real progress on the WIP. I have an idea of what I’m writing next now too. Because I signed with an agent. Guess I must continue to put on my dark hat and write another contemporary gothic romance though I am pretty sure the last one which is now represented with Dawn Dowdle from Blue Ridge Literary Agency was more on the suspense side.

Second I am going to New Jersey Put Your Heart in a Book Conference as a speaker this October. Be Your Own Agent is career focused on how you can sell your own novel, even if no one else will. I call this motivating even more because writing is a journey. With the advent of the online houses and self publishing, new writers are even more empowered but less guided than ever before. To me partnerships make more sense and I’m excited to grow with an agent on my side.

Third, we ordered the wedding cake. How it is getting from the bakery to the reception hall the day of the wedding is now an issue. The $400 delivery difference makes finding a friend important. Or family. My brother won’t be getting his hair done, so he’s on deck as a possibility.

Fourth, writing. Yeah.

Fifth, the dentist. I am not looking forward to that part of today, but I’m off.

Hope everyone’s day is well. And I do have to finish my novel. Did anyone else sign up for Camp Nanowrimo? I’m calling it finish the book month.