Writing is getting down to the wire


So I have less than 8 weeks and 2 days till my due date.

I’m in the process of editing big time. I have the first of my new series that’s almost completed the editing process. I have the second of the new series that’s in the pipeline and waiting on copyedits. Plus I’m editing the third book in the unnamed series so I can have books ready to go. Plus I have to write the last chapter of a novella that goes with this series so that can get in editing line.

Then I have my edits for Electing Love that I can now start working on once I finish book three.

And I have 8 weeks or less.

The cover reveal date for Electing Love is set for July 20th. Serious editing for that book begins as soon as I get the conceptual edits back next week, so this means I have to complete book three of secret series soon. It has to get in the pipeline.

I don’t know how other writers can edit as they go. I love my manuscript the second I hit finish. Then a month or more later, I can go back in with new eyes and say ‘what was I smoking?’ (I don’t actually smoke.) The red pen can come out easier then and I can strip and add to the manuscript to give it filling and depth.

Also I learned about editing from the small presses I was with before and honestly I know I need people to help make me better and stronger as a writer. I found some excellent people along the way.

Writing the first draft might seem onerous to one whose never done it before, but the real work of an author is in the rewrite to the rewrite to the rewrite. Then it’s edit to the edit to the edit. Once the process is complete of pulling my hair out and finding that I still like the story… now it’s time to share it with the world.

So this is an insight into my writing style.

Now it’s back to work. I have deadlines. The baby is coming.