Writing Schedule While Pregnant

Writing while pregnant

Writing new stories is always on my mind. I can edit well enough and i do have enough stories in the files to let 2016 go out as editing year, but I want to write 2 novels by the end of the year. I am working on book 4 in my series and it’s slow going.

It’s hard to talk about book 4 when I’ve not launched books 1, 2, or 3. They are all in the editing stages.

But new material, it’s HARD. I understand George RR Martin a lot these days. You want your story to be the best. And for new material everything has to be just right.

My mind is constantly on my unborn baby that is due to the world in 12 weeks. She’s a kicker and super active. I can’t wait to meet her. The house has to be right.

But I also need to set the example that you go out into the world and do what you say. You make your own fate. Now it’s up to me to show that to my baby. She’ll learn success is earned by those who don’t give up.

So my writing progress is SLOW going. Book 4 is moving but it’s a snail’s pace. Then book 2 of my Queen gene series is half done. These are the two books I want done by 2016. (If you want to vote for book one to win Kindle Scout, and then if I win you get the book for free, then please click here: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/3TPHGCQWRZ7HH

This weekend I’m off to be on my first monthly podcast with friends. We’re videotaping and doing audio. The subject is going to be marketing so I’ll mention my newsletter sign ups and changes I made there. Hope you like the podcast when we launch.