Writing something out of the box and Optimism

I sat down to write or outline my contemporary, but 15k words in, I’ve started a fantasy novel instead… starring a man with super strength and a time traveler. This was not on the agenda at all, but the comic book girl in me screamed to get out of the box.

One more chapter then I’ll outline. I swear it.

How is everyone’s day? I hope good. I tend to focus on the good in life, and not the negatives. Good can wash away the nonsense, but then again, I’m an optimist. Have many people tried to break this from me? Sure. Have I given in a few times in the past? Sadly, yes. Writing has always helped me deal with the pressures of real life.

Sounds funny when I remember crying my eyes out in the eighth grade because in the middle school year book (though I went to a K-8 Catholic school), my class voted me most likely to be a writer. Guess I made up stories then too to entertain people, lol.

Back to the whole optimist thing, I can’t help it. When you look for the good out there, it’s so obvious. It’s all around us. The negatives try to get us to not see it. Since it’s the holidays and the season for miracles, I wish everyone reading this the ability to see how life offers good amazing things in everything and it’s time to appreciate all the people and all the offers we get.

And if you like, soon my book Mything You will have an awesome new cover. I have faith in the artist, because she’s going to be amazing. Can’t wait to see it myself then I’ll share with you. In the meantime Ramona from http://coversbyramona.blogspot.com/ did an awesome job with some oldies and something not unveiled. Then there is the book Two Weeks in Miami coming in February. So as you can see, I’ve alot going on and I’m looking forward to sharing super soon!!!