Writing while pregnant


Pregnancy brain is real. It steals your concentration. All I want to do is relax. So writing is a challenge these days. It’s more of a challenge than writing while pregnant. Long time readers of my blog know I was pretty good at finding time to concentrate then. Now though this whole other person is inside me. It’s a person I’ve not seen, but I feel kick me.

And yes the activity inside is almost this indescribable moment. I always knew where my baby was. I’ve felt that since the beginning, but now the random movements are outwardly felt. The baby is coming.

This weekend I showed up an hour early to meeting my critique partners with the intention of writing a chapter. I ended up looking up baby stuff.

And then there is the forgetting. I forget so much these days.

I never used to forget anything.

How I adjust my writing life once the baby arrives is a mystery. Most of my life these days is a ‘guess we’ll see.’ It’s hard to make plans.

The only writing plan I have for 2017 is the FRW writing cruise. Will l honestly be able to pack up and go on a cruise and leave the baby? I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll be happy to go. Perhaps I’ll cry.

I see physically I am turning into my mother. Will I completely transform into my mom? Is that my future? I want my baby to have the best, and I get to enjoy being a mom. So with luck things will settle down.