Yesterdays plans and how that didn’t happen

Edits are Done

So yesterday I posted a plan of doing nothing. It was going to be great. Fortunately or unfortunately life happened instead.

I intended to sit in my pajamas all day. This part became true, but I was working on my computer.

My edits for Mything the Throne came back. I found a lot of typos. At least it wasn’t story editing anymore. I didn’t have to rewrite. But I read things like ‘me’ and said ‘what was supposed to be here as that’s not right. Then I realized it’s supposed to say ‘men.’ I forgot an n.

This type of editing I think most people think of as edits. It’s not. The big edits are storyline. I rewrite my stories so many times. I can do it again and again. But I’m so not good with copyediting. I can be critical of others but with my own, my eyes have blinders.

I sent Mything the Throne back last night at 10 PM.

So today I want a bowl of ice cream and to do nothing.

We shall see if I get my wish to do nothing again. Yesterday didn’t play out as planned. This is life though. It’s a roller coaster and all we can do is ride and have a good time.

I’m so happy I have sent it in. I can’t wait to see the cover that’s done and to share the release date. I wrote the original and sold the manuscript in 2012 or 2013. It’s not 2016 when the manuscript is ready. I have grown a lot as a writer and the drafts are so different now. I hope you enjoy the story.