Zoastra Origins Series

I have always intended to write a cool space story, but in order to write a story, you need to know your characters. First One needs the characters, which is the point of the origins story.

Then one needs kick butt enemy, and with Cross’ tale, I started getting the idea of who the alien enemies are.

With the Zoastra Affair, I found my engineer and told a romance story from an unusual way… body switching, at least to me. Ariel is stuck on an alien planet, steals bodies, does bad things in order to find the alien who stole her life. Ariel intended to switch everything back, but then her own crimes destroy her good intentions. With the help of Cross, she finds a new life and new goals.

There might not be another origins after the third. I’ve learned basic characters. There might be one more. We’ll see what the outline turns out to be. But the epic space adventure awaits for me to write.

I miss Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica grittier this century edition, etc.  I want to do this justice.

My brother and father are all science fiction fans, and I’m treading into the male waters. Yet I’m keeping a decidedly female perspective. And my reading preferences have always gone more romance than Isaac Asimov, H.G. Wells, and the many other books put in front of me to enlighten my preferences.

I will faithfully see every Science fiction movie out there, and give the show a try. And I do rock out to Ancient Aliens on H2. So there are classics and fun shows to watch for inspiration.

First there is the General and the Communication Officer


Matthew Aurelius planned on remaining a battle General for his career in Space. He worked hard all his life, sacrificed a personal life, and stayed focus. He kept himself away from love.

Rosemarie joined EarthSeekers to follow Marcus. Her parents started the program after exposing how humanity formed in the first place. She kept her crush silent, until one day when she bought make up.

Rosemarie put on the make up assuming that like all make up, it made a woman feel beautiful. She didn’t believe the story that this make up makes a man fall in love.